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Hey there! Leyla Gulieva here.

Explore my portfolio and discover my expertise in designing, developing and delivering
innovative software solutions that drive real-world impact across a variety of industries and clients.

About Me

I am a computer science graduate from Western Governors University, eager to take on new challenges and make a meaningful impact in the industry. With strong proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and SQL, and experience in tools like IntelliJ, PyCharm, and MySQL, I am well-equipped to tackle any project. My passion for machine learning and experience with Dash and Binder allow me to create innovative and interactive applications. I also hold certifications in ITIL 4, COMPTIA Project +, and CIW Site Development Associate. Skilled in project management and a continuous learner, I am eager to bring my technical abilities and passion to a new role and make a positive impact in the industry.

My Projects

Music Recommender

python numpy pandas jupyter

This project is a music recommendation system that uses machine learning techniques and a user-friendly interface to recommend similar songs based on a user's input of their favorite song.

Portfolio Website

html5 javascript github

I designed a personal portfolio website to showcase my skills and expertise as a computer science graduate, with a clean and visually appealing layout utilizing CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design.

Efficeint Delivery Route


This project is a Python script that uses the Chaining Hash Table data structure and the Nearest Neighbor algorithm to identify the most time-efficient routes for delivering packages based on location data, delivery addresses, and deadlines.

Scheduling Desktop Application

java mySQL

This project is a scheduling desktop application built using Java and MySQL that includes features such as a log-in screen, customer data management, and the ability to schedule appointments across different time zones.

Inventory System


This project is an inventory management system developed using Java and JavaFX, which allows users to add, delete, update, and save inventory items through a multi-page GUI.

Class Roster


This project is a C++ application that manages a class roster of students using object-oriented programming concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation.

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